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Hey everyone, I know I am not a pro at writing but I have just begun. And I didn’t even knew I could until I picked up a pen and started to write and then it all came naturally to me. Through this blog I could write what I have in the heart of my heart, I could show the world what I feel and what I think. Let us all make a small family and lets begin our journey on a positive note. God bless our journey we are about to commence.


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I am a mother by choice and a writer by chance. I love to read, write, dance, sing, paint, cook, you can say I am a jack of many traits but master of none. I am a fashion lover, food lover, book lover, nature lover. I love travels more than the destinations. My life is an open book. My looks are a little decieving, I am a very simple person at heart, but may not look it. I love my kids, my family and I live for them. You can find me on Facebook page : that middle class girl. You can also find me on Instagram by the same name.

32 thoughts on “First blog post”

  1. Welcome to blogging and all the best for your new blog….I started new too not very far away……for any help you require, kindly feel free to connect and ask…..:)………and thanks for following my blog.
    BTW I couldn’t find any Like button for this post of yours, you might want to look at your wordpress settings to get it in place……….

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    1. thank you so mch for the kind words…and i can see people liking my post so it should be tgere somewhere..although i will check
      ..all this is new for me so still figuring such words are always motivating. thanks again


  2. Ah, you have started down the path to a writing life. The streets in that burg are paved with alcoholism, depression, and pain, but writers know that problems like that are merely stuff to write about, and writing is more a solution than a cause. I look forward to your wordsmith battles. Pick up that pen and kill a few demons and devils with it.

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    1. thanks for your thoughts…I am writing as of now just to pen down some deep hidden feelings and not thinking much…lets see where it will…thanks again..n ya you have mightly gud collection of barbies…my daughter will sure be jealous

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  3. Thank you very much thatmiddleclassgirl, for visiting my blog and choosing to follow it. I also dropped into your blog posts and found them pretty interesting, enthusiastic and very positive. My best wishes for your stepping into the new arena with a bang! Stay blessed!

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  4. As a potential blogger, the easiest thing anyone can do is to enter the Blogosphere. However, the most difficult one is choosing the niche of your blog. This is where the blogging hacks come into play.

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  5. I love finding new writers on here (being one myself), so thank you for the follow and keep writing! It’s the most amazing thing that anyone can do in my opinion. Let others see the wonders that used to be locked inside your head!

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