Fashionably fashionable

What is fashion? For me it is mood…a state of mind. I think I am in mood for ethnic today and yesterday it was black and tomorrow it might be…who knows? 

   My little girl, she s just 7, wants to choose her own clothes, she even wants to buy clothes of her own choice. “Can she do that? Isn’t she like too little to do that?” I remember i wore clothes of my parents choice until like i was graduate or something. But may be times have changed. Dressing up is a very important part of a girls life now. And why just girls, everybody’s for that matter. 
Internet has proven to be a booster for daily fashion. Needs have changed. You basically dress up so you can post your pictures online and get likes and comments to satisfy your inner diva or inner stud.
  You dress up so people notice and you want to make a statement. But being a mother of two (may be i could put the blame of me being lethargic and lazy all the time) i like to be fashionable but comfortable. Most of my days are spent in my pajamas. Even though i keep buying stuff that i never wear (as i keep spending more and more time on these online shopping websites) or dont get a chance to wear. I sometimes wish i could spend my life in oversized t-shirts and pajamas. 
   I see people around are so obsessed with this virtual world and the likes and comments that they need to satisfy their narcissist self that they follow latest trends blindly and end up being uncomfortable or looking like a clown most of the times.
  I feel comfort is very important while dressing up. You should choose clothes and shoes that suit your personality or your body type or your age for that matter. 
And as they say “real beauty is if your beautiful from the inside” or “real beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” so just be you. Believe in yourself. Stop following people just for the sake of it. Be your own kind of beautiful. Stay happy. Live life. Love your family. Enjoy with your family and friends. If your happy from within, it will show and you will be the most beautiful person in the world.

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I am a mother by choice and a writer by chance. I love to read, write, dance, sing, paint, cook, you can say I am a jack of many traits but master of none. I am a fashion lover, food lover, book lover, nature lover. I love travels more than the destinations. My life is an open book. My looks are a little decieving, I am a very simple person at heart, but may not look it. I love my kids, my family and I live for them. You can find me on Facebook page : that middle class girl. You can also find me on Instagram by the same name.

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