Klay School : The best Playschool in India

Most of my friends are same age as mine, and we have kids almost the same age too. And it is a known fact, that once you are a mother, the only conversation you have with your friends, is about kids! So most of us, as a current issue, have, school searching agenda at hand. A school that is next to home not just in location, but in the feel too.
We all know how critical it is, to choose the right school for our kids. Earlier in our time, there were not too many options, and it was an easy choice to send a child to start schooling. But today, with a flashy building in every nook and corner of the city, promising all the amenities and facilities, it becomes a stressful task to choose the right school.

Me and my few friends decided to make a list of things we need from a school and start to look for options available to us according to the same. So first thing we did was to decide what we want the school to do for our kids.

Then we gathered information about different schools and visited quite a few. Finally, we narrowed down the choices we had after going through the entire process. Topping our list of choices was standing tall : The Klay School.

The first thing that caught my eye was the school philosophy. Klay school thinks not just about the child, but the parent too. It says, the parents should not feel guilty about leaving the child at school and going to work. At the same time, children should have access to the best quality care and education, even if both parents are working.

These few lines sent a sense of relief down my veins. Which school thinks about the parents too?
The mission of the school is to ensure that the children receive the best of the care and a stress-free, healthy and happy environment in the initial growing years, that are very critical for the future development.

During my first visit to the school, I found it very welcoming for both the kids and me. The school premises were well kept and every corner of the school was a learning space, providing early education and development to kids between the age 0-10. The school promises to take the best care of not just the school going kids, but it serves as a suitable place for infants and toddlers as well, where it provides both day care to after school care. They have proper trained staff and In-house nurse, all the time for any kind of crisis.

They have a team of staff members who are trained for early childhood education. The teachers engage with the kids and express genuine interest, care and respect to each child. Also they have the best teacher to student ratio, so that each kid get proper attention.
For me the most important part of the school is safety. I was more than happy to find out that the entire staff was police verified and CCTV were installed in every corner of the school and the parents can access the live footage from anywhere anytime.

The floors, walls, and kitchen area were clean. Also the food preparation areas was clean and staff made healthy meals at the campus each day.

All the basic safety measures were taken and no strangers were allowed to just walk in off the street – and children were not allowed to wander out unattended.

Toys and play equipment were in good condition. Medication and all other hazardous substances were kept out of reach, and the outdoor play area was level and secure.

The school has an outdoor play area. Children get a chance to play outside every day – running, jumping, and skipping are good for them physically, mentally, and socially. Living in a metro city with row of apartments, kids hardly get enough sunlight and a safe and secure ground to play, and at Klay school, they make sure, kids engage in enough outdoor activities each day.
To my delight, this year being the 6th birthday of Klay school in India, they are up for a celebration in form of Lil Folk Festival in many of their branches in Delhi and NCR. There will be lot of activities for kids 0-4 years like puppet show, music, painting, Rangoli making, story telling and what now. I am very excited for these events happening on 16th February 2019, 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM in its Gurgaon and Noida branches.
Their curriculum and other school related information is available on their website www.klayschools.com and for more satisfaction visit your nearest Klay School branch and find out for yourself, what the school has to offer and I assure you will not be disappointed. There are more than 100 Klay Schools in India, so finding a branch close to home will not be a problem.

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