Lavendersun kids Biker jacket review


I recently purchased this beautiful Biker jacket from Lavendersun.

It is a team of designers, visionaries, and artists who are providing mothers with the most exciting and thrilling online shopping experience.

As parents, we want all the best for our families. Lavendersun does not compromise on quality and provide a high range of Trendy baby clothes whilst also keeping it affordable for parents. They provide the trendiest and cutest outfits for our kids and we can make memories for lifetime, as we dress up our little ones and take pictures.


I had the best shopping experience as soon as I started to browse till the time I received the package in my hands, as they make sure for the best quality of the product.


This jacket has such a smart appearance that can be used for both outdoor adventures and outdoor formal occasions. My little one love it so much that he wont take it off. It is super soft, cozy and keeps the warmth and comfiness the entire time.

The product details are below:


  • Material: Leather blend
  • Machine wash
  • Size: 3T-7T
  • Includes 1x leather jacket

Price: $24.95

Thank you Lavendersun for this lovely jacket.

Visit for the best kids shopping experience.


Yes, I am divorced, but my life is yet not over!

“Hey Ankita, why did you not tell me you were getting divorce? Do you know how I got to know? At the office, I overheard Rohan and Harshit, teasing Ashok about it and telling him, how lucky he is, and how he can hit other women now. They werealso planningng a trip to Bangkok. You know how bad I felt about you. Here you are, looking all depressed and dejected, where as, your ex-husband is planning to have the time of his life. I am feeling very sorry for you.”

Ankita did not say anything, but she was exhausted of hearing the same things over and over again. She was weary of knowing, how sorry her relatives were about the fact that her husband left her, or may be they were just pretending they were sorry. She gave them a shit load of stuff to gossip about. They hardly knew the truth and she knew they hardly cared. But they were all pitiful and grievous about her situation.

She did not want her parents to think her life was over, or how difficult it was for them, to find such a nice groom for her, or how impatient this generation is, who can not stand little arguments, and are ready to cut off ties with their spouse, at the drop of a hat. She was tired of all this. It has been more than a month now, and all she heard was how sorry everyone was for her.

May be they all wanted her to believe, her life was over. That being divorced was the end of the world for her. That she has lost her only chance to be happy, by seperating from her husband. No body wanted to know how she felt. No body wanted to know about her years and years of agony in that relationship, just because she could not become a mother. No body wanted to know how her husband or her in-laws treated her, even though she was the Vice President of a multinational, and earned more than her husband. All that mattered was that she could not give birth to their heir and that was enough to make her life miserable.

Her so called friends, family and relatives, none of them told her that it was a good decision. Everyone wanted her to feel sorry for herself and when ever any one met her, they made sure she felt that way.

She sometimes wondered if people forgot, she has emotions and if she is divorced, does not mean she is not human.

She stopped going out to weddings or parties, she stopped taking calls of her own parents, she had restrained herself to her house now. She was working from home for almost a month now and today was her first day she went back to office and people are yet not done sympathizing with her.

But that was it. She had been pondering over a thought for a long time now and it was time to get it done. She typed her resignation letter and went straight home. She packed her bags. Booked the tickets and was ready to go. She was never sure of anything more than this all her life. She decided to take a sabbatical and travel to all the places she always wanted to see. She wanted to walk around the beaches and stroll in the best of art galleries. She wanted to see all the wonders of the world. She wanted to meet new people and open her soul and set herself free from all the ties, away from the people who wanted her to stay miserable for life.

She had been planning her start-up for a long time, but was never sure of it. Now she was. She had investors who liked her idea and she was going to contact them, as soon she is back from her trip.

It was her life. No one else has the right to ruin it. She never needed a man to make her happy and she can not allow a man to make her life gloomy forever.

It is just one life, and she was still young. She can always restart. But love was not on her mind right now. Right now all she wanted, was to fly away to the unknown world full of adventure and she knew a new life was waiting for her. A better life, all she had to do was give it a chance.

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A bitchy self discussion on a no-maids day

Bitchy me: Damn this maid…she didn’t come today.

Nicer me: It’s ok…may be she has some work.

Bitchy me: But can’t she inform atleast that she won’t show up.

Nicer me: May be she got stuck somewhere. Generally she informs a day before not coming.

Bitchy me: Ya right…got stuck…huh…she carries that damn phone all day.

Nicer me: May be she ran out of balance.

Bitchy me: Ok..ok..her mother comes to the society too..she could have asked her to inform.

Nicer me: Her mother is old. She already has work to do.

Bitchy me: Ok then she should have sent a replacement..should have asked her friends…if anyone could work at my place today.

Nicer me: They all.must be busy..they already work so hard… It’s difficult for you to work in your own house for a day and these maids work all day in so many houses…a day or two off is fine. They need a break too.

Bitchy me: Ya right…I have a toddler hanging on my legs all the time while I cook and clean the house.

Nicer me: They have children too…may be one of them is unwell…would you work if your kids are not well…they still do.

Bitchy me: Isn’t it their job? They are paid for it…they are not working for free…plus I give so mch more like clothes, toys for their kids, food etc…these maids are so ungrateful.

Nicer me: Ya you pay but there is something like humanity…also they don’t ask you to give them food, clothes etc…you give only if you want to get rid of stuff…will yu give your favourite top or your favourite pizza lying in the fridge that you have kept for later or your favourite piece of cake?

Bitchy me: But these maids also bitch around…they tell.other house story here and our house story elsewhere.

Nicer me: Don’t you? What else you do in your get together’s?

Bitchy me: Damn you…I still have to wash all the dishes, clean the house, cook food, give bath to kids, wash clothes….I don’t have time to argue with a stupid someone like you….bye…I don’t wanna see you again.

Which one do you agree with guys? Bitchy me or Nicer me?

( am secretly with the bitchy me😉😉)

Women’s day…? Really…?

Year after year, I keep asking the same question to myself and to my friends, but never have received a satisfactory answer, ever. Why do we need women’s day? Why a day is devoted to us? Why has it been so much commercialized and media making a big deal out of it? Why do we need a day to remind everyone that we are equal or that we women are strong and powerful? there a day for men? Like a Men’s day or something? Or is it that every day is Man’s day but we women need a day to celebrate our being.

Ages have gone by, but till today, in this modern world, we women are asking for permissions, we are confirming our equality by giving ourselves a special day, we need a confirmation to feel special, we need a confirmation to feel strong. We need our men to make us feel special on a day and to tell us that we are equal to them. We celebrate the bravery and achievements of many women on a day, we celebrate womenhood on a day. We want this male driven society to make us feel proud that we are women.

How I wish, we women knew for sure that we are not just a womb, but much, much more than that. We not just give birth but also raise the future. We don’t need someone to remind us on a specific day, how special we are, we know we are special, we know we are strong, God also knew that only women are capable of bringing life, we women are not just equal to men, but so much more. We take care of the house, we raise children, we run a family, we design the future, we run businesses, we rule the sports, we run corporates, but still need a day to prove our worth.

Dear Men, imagine a world without women. Can you? Also let me tell you that my women’s day will be the day when your ego won’t hurt on my salary cheque with a zero more than yours.

My women’s day will be the day when you stop killing me in the womb.

My women’s day will be the day when you stop hitting me over a daal less salty.

My women’s day will be the day when you stop asking for money to marry me.

My women’s day will be the day when you stop using me like just a body without a soul.

My women’s day will be the day when the rape ratio decreases from 92/day to 0/day.

My women’s day will be the day when your face glows on my birth, just as much, on the birth of a boy.

My women’s day will be the day when I get equal rights on education, property, job and what not.

My women’s day will be the day when raising children will be your job too.

My women’s day will be the day when you come home early to cook food and not just sit infront of TV.

My women’s day will be the day when you realise that we need to teach our little boys to respect women, to learn how to cook, to not rape a women if she’s alone and vulnerable.

Dear men, we don’t need a day to be celebrated, we want our lives to be celebrated.

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Dreams, the light of life

It was getting dark. One look at the clock and Rashmi started to hurry. It was mid December, so the days were short. He must be waiting for her in the cold, accross the street. She had to leave at 6 PM, but last moment guests came over and she had to stay to prepare tea and snacks. Smriti didi was very nice to her. She often gave her extra money and fashionable clothes, along with the books and magazines. It was Smriti didi who helped her learn how to write her name and encouraged her to read and write. It was Smriti didi who complained against her father to the police because he used to beat Rashmi and her mother. She would do anything for Smriti didi.

“Didi, I have cleaned the kitchen, do you want me to do anything else or can I go?”

“Oh yes Rashmi, you can go, sorry I forgot you have to go far and its already dark outside. Take an auto. Here, take 50 Rs.”

“Thank you didi. Bye. I will come early tomorrow to help you clean the store room.”

She closed the main door behind her and ran down the stairs. She was 1 hour late. “He will be very angry with me. I am late but I will save these 50 Rs for something more important.”

Raghav, her husband, who was standing across the street, moved towards her, when he saw her rushing out the building. “Do you realise how late you are today? I have asked you so many times to stop working, but you never listen to me.”

“No Raghav, Smriti didi is pregnant and she needs my help. She has always helped me. I can’t leave her at this time.”

“Ok ok fine. Now speed up or we will be late. Did you eat something?”

“Oh I forgot, here, eat these snacks, Smriti didi gave them for you, and yes, I have already eaten.”

They started to walk faster. It was very cold but they had to reach on time. They were already late. It was still 2 kms away and it was a dark stretch, hardly any light. They had a flashlight and they were moving towards their destination as fast as they can.

They could see light in a distance. A bulb hanging from a pole was alight and they both started to move even faster.

Rahim kaka was waiting for both of them. “You both are late today. Quickly get on the boat. I will drop you in 5 minutes.”

The boat was full and there was dense fog. They both got on the boat and Rahim kaka started to row the boat towards their destination. They could see the dim light coming from the bulb hanging from the pole as it got closer and closer.

Soon they reached their destination. It took more than usual due to the fog but they were happy they reached. Swiftly they got off the boat and ran towards to light. Around 30 men and women, mostly domestic helps and security gaurds, were sitting and writing something in their notebooks.

“Rashmi, Raghav you are late today. Come sit quickly and start writing the notes. We are learning about the names of different states and their capital cities tonight.”

“Yes madam.”

Rashmi considered herself very lucky to have a husband like Raghav, who not only took good care of her and loved her, but also motivated her to move ahead in life. They both couldn’t have kids, but Raghav was not effected by it and never changed his behaviour towards her, even after his mother’s continuous efforts to remarry his son to someone else. Instead, he supported Rashmi in everything and helped her achieve her dream to study. Rashmi’s father was against her going to school and he married her off to Raghav very young. But she got lucky to have such a husband who not only supported her but was there with her on every step of life.

Raghav worked as a security gaurd and Rashmi as a cook in day time and they both attended night classes run by Retired Colonel Samiksha Banerjee, who used to teach such people, free of cost.

Rashmi wanted to become a teacher at the primary school in her village, and it was still a long way to go. But she was following her dream and with support of her husband Raghav, she knew she will make it one day.

Let kids be kids

We all love our kids… don’t we? No matter how they are. They can be a pain in the neck through the day, but we love them with all our heart. We keep trying to give them good values, telling them to do the right thing, teaching them virtues of life. But at times we step a little further and start expecting more from them. Times like when we mothers gather in a party or at the park or bus stop to pick and drop our kids, we discuss about a certain test or a competition or a sports trial, and that’s the time we see how well the other kid is doing, while our kid tried but failed. Our heart aches more at the success of the other kid than the failure of ours. And then begins the race of making our child better than everyone and in this pretence we overburden our kids and take away their fun of childhood.

We have grown up listening to the stories of Mr Sharma’s bright son and Mr Mehta’s studious daughter, and we hated those lecture sessions, when our parents told us how rotten we are, and how we will land up doing nothing in life. But trust me you guys, I have seen Mr Sharma’s bright son struggling to find a decent job for himself while I was doing much better. Mr Mehta’s studious daughter could not get admission in a college, even though her marks were good, while I cleared because I had decent marks along with sports certificates.

So we can not judge how the kids will do in future just looking at the marks they are scoring right now. They might not do so well right now, but may be in future they do well ,or may be they are doing well right now, but in future they don’t. So the best way is to let them be. As parents, all we need to do is pay attention towards them and help them with their studies as much as possible but don’t put pressure on them to perform because then they will wilt from the inside and soon lose interest. Let them have fun while they still can. Let them live their childhood because it is not going to come back again. Let them find their interest, be it studies or sports or music or dancing or painting..anything. Every child is different and unique in its own way. Some are born with a talent while some find it over time, so let them get there, just be with them, support them and raise a happy child not an overburdened, stressed, unhappy child. Don’t take-away their innocence from them. These days, while they are still hovering around you, with their mud stained hands and feet, dirty clothes and wide smiles are not going to come back. Enjoy these days with them. Let them be mischievous. Let them play in the rain. Let them hide their chapatis behind their almirah. Let them be jolly. You are surely never going to regret your decision of letting them be. Stop competing with fellow moms, and try to look and appreciate the qualities in your children and never..never compare your little one with other children of their age.

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