Son, don’t de-root us!!

Rakesh and Rajni had a full life together. People knew them as a happy, 60 year old couple. They met in college and eventually got married. Rakesh was a government officer and was recently retired and so was Rajni. She was a teacher in a government school, for almost 25 years now and had taken a voluntary retirement. She wanted to be with Rakesh now.

Both had a beautiful home, in a posh locality in Kanpur and four children. Two girls, Rohini and Rashi, and two boys, Rohan an Rishi. Girls were both happily married and boys were both studying. Rohan was in America, in the last semester of his MBA, while the youngest Rishi was doing MBBS in Bangalore.

It was a rainy evening. Rakesh and Rajni were sitting with some friends in the garden under a shade, while enjoying rain and having tea and some snacks, when the phone rang. It was Rohan, from the US. “Papa, I have got a job. I am still on training but I will be paid for it. I am sending you tickets. You both have to come for my graduation next month.”

Rakesh was very happy for the success of his son and Rajni couldn’t stop boasting about it, but Rakesh knew it will be difficult to travel so far, as Rajni had a knee transplant few months back and she still had problem sitting, with legs hanging for long hours. Rajni saw the worried look and smiled back at Rakesh. They were going to see their son after two years. Nothing could stop them.

She then called Rohini and Rashi, who told her that Rohan had already called and invited them, but they both had to decline because Rohini had a 5 months old daughter and Rashi had her IAS exam coming up soon.

Rakesh and Rajni had to leave in a month. They got the paper work done and Rajni started preparing pickles and sweets of Rohan’s choice. She was very happy.

It was a hot sunny afternoon when the phone rang. Rakesh answered the call. It was an unknown number from Bangalore. He thought it must be Rishi, but what he heard from the other end froze him for a few moments. It was unbelievable. He stood there with the phone on his ears, even after the call got disconnected, with tears flowing down his eyes. The call was from a police station. Rishi was dead. He met an accident and died on spot. The police had called them to claim the body.

They both cried for hours. Their world had shattered. Rishi was the youngest and brightest of all the kids. He loved his parents too much and never wanted to go to Bangalore. But Rakesh pushed him to go and study. Rishi promised his parents to open a nursing home in Kanpur so he can stay close to his parents. Rakesh cursed the day he pushed Rishi to go to Bangalore. But the inevitable had happened and nothing can be done now.

He had to make arrangements. He called up a few of his friends, who came immediately. He then called up Rohini, who lived in Lucknow. She was close by and can come sooner. Rajni needed her. She was inconsolable. Rohini can handle her well. He informed Rashi in Mumbai too. She promised to be on the next flight and meet him in Bangalore. He left a message informing Rohan, in America, too.

After the cremation, their house was crowded with friends, relatives and family, visiting them for the next 15 days. Rajni was devastated. Rishi was the youngest and the most pampered one. The void that his demise has created in their life can not be filled. The girls had to go back home after a few more days. Rohan never made it because he was in the middle of his last semester exams and training for his new job.

Time to go to USA was fast approaching. Rakesh and Rajni although didn’t wanted to go, but they wanted to meet Rohan and not break his heart, by not being there on his big day. They thought being with Rohan might comfort their grief-stricken heart.

At the graduation, Rohan introduced them to his American girlfriend Becky. They looked happy together. From the day they had reached America, they never got a chance to spend some alone time with Rohan, because of his training. He was always busy and they both felt lonely. They never sat together and hugged each other and talked about what happened with Rishi.

After the graduation ceremony they all went to a restaurant to celebrate. Becky came along too. Over dinner Rohan said what Rakesh and Rajni feared was preordained. Rohan wanted to marry Becky and settle in the USA. He had already applied for the green card. “Ma, Papa, I want you both to shift here with us. I will take care of you. As it is after Rishi, what will you do? You both have retired now, so you can shift easily. We can have a good life here.”

Rakesh knew this was coming. He could see a change in Rohan. He knew in the back of his mind that Rohan will not return home. They both grew older, much older in the last two months. Spending lonely time in USA made them even more worn out. They only met Rohan over the weekends. Rohan took them site seeing and shopping, but that did not made them happy. They wanted their son. They wanted to sit at home, eat home cooked food, and talk and cry and mourn over Rishi. But that never happened. Now all they wanted was to go back home.

As soon as they entered their house in Kanpur, they cried. They cried over the loss of their two sons. One was dead and one was never coming back. Their dream of running behind grandchildren and having a house full of laughter, had died too. So much loss was unbearable for them. They both sat and cried for hours. They now had to spend their life alone with each other. But they were not ready to leave their home and hometown and go spend an isolated life in the USA. At least they had friends and relatives here. There in America, they would be absolutely alone. They were not sure if Becky would stay with them. They were happy for Rohan but they were happy here in Kanpur. Here, they knew people and people knew them. They can talk and meet with their friends here. But moving to America was a far cry.

Now they had to make up their minds to live their life only with each other. Of course, Rohan, Rashi and Rohini, will visit from time to time, but it is going to be just the two of them for a long time, together.

They were still unpacking, when the doorbell rang. Rakesh opened the door. It was Rohini, her husband and the baby at the door. Rakesh and Rajni welcomed them with a big smile and a warm hug. It was the beginning of a new life. They did not plan for it but now this was their new life. But at least they were happy in it.


A Solitaire

They both were sitting in a cozy dark corner of the coffee shop. Hand in hand , eyes in eyes. They’ve already had three cups of coffee and two sandwiches, and spent quite a few hours sitting there. Sometimes they would talk. Mostly just sit and look at eachother. They preferred meeting each other in these small cafe’s, that are away from the main city and attracted less crowd. They liked to stay away from prying eyes. They just wanted to be alone…together.

It’s been three years now, that they met in a gym, where Maira worked as a receptionist. When Raghav saw her for the first time he thought she was pretty, but did not pay much attention to her. He went to the same gym twice a day. But with time they started to like each other and started going on dates. 

His office was close to the gym and they would meet many times a day. He liked to see her. She liked to see him and loved the pouring gifts alongwith the attention. It was working out well for both of them.

Slowly the things started to get intense between them. They both wanted to take the relationship to next level.

One day he decided to propose to her. He went to the finest of the jewellery store and got a beautiful solitaire for her. He was super excited. The whole planning was running in his mind for the millionth time, when he reached home.

He kept the ring box deep in his cupboard, and went to the washroom, humming a happy tune.

She entered the room to find his clothes all over the bed. She was already very tired with the kids all day, plus all the work at the house. She knocked at the bathroom door, to ask if he will have dinner now or later, just when something glittery caught her eyes. She saw a small gift wrapped box on the dresser. Curiosity took the best of her and she took it and opened it. 

She was surprised to find a pair of gold earrings in the box. They were small but pretty, and she was happy to receive them. She kicked herself for her doubts on her loving husband, and happily wore them. She picked up his clothes and went to the laundry room, to put them away, to wash them later. She checked the pockets of his pants for anything important when she found a bill inside it. It was the bill from the jewellery store. 

A Solitaire ring : Rs 1,50,000

A Gold earrings : Rs 15000

She thought her world had shattered. She just knew who the ring was for. She thought his promise, that he had broken up with her, and that his extra marital affair with that gym girl has ended, was false and he was still with her.

She took the bill, went back to the room, kept it on the dresser and went to bring food for him. She wanted to cry but she could not cry. She wanted to yell but she could not yell. Her life had shattered infront of her eyes and she couldn’t do anything to save it.  

Now she had to decide to live for her two little boys and stay with the cheating husband or pack her bags and leave. But where will she go? She was not sure if her own parents would accept her, if she decides to come out of this marriage. what will she do? Where will she go? How will she take care of her two little boys? She wasn’t even qualified enough to get a job.

What was she suppose to do?…..She still had to decide.
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Being a mother…

  • You want them to sleep but kids are not in a mood. No problem. They might be full of energy and hyper-active, but try opening a book infront of them or ask them to do their homework, they’ll fall asleep before you know it.
  • You are calling their name on top of your lungs, but they cant hear it. Try opening a pack of chocolate or a tub of icecream, they’ll come running for you. They can hear the tearing of the packet from the other corner of the house.
  • No matter how many passwords you put on your phone, they’ll know it.
  • You can forget, but they know where are the treats hidden.
  • They will sleep through door bells, ringing phones, TV volume, but you try moving away from them, their nap time will be over with you getting out of the room.
  • They are quick as wind and silent as shadows. So if you are sneaking on to something, be very careful.
  • Play a song and they’ll invent a new dance form within seconds.
  • Never show them how excited you are as their bed time is approaching, they will sense your excitement and abort your mission.
  • Their poop time is their ‘Family discussion’ time. They will tell a story, sing a rhyme, tell  you how their day went, their future plans, and everything else while sitting on the pot.
  • Clean and well mopped floors are an invitation for them to bring in their dirty shoes and make it a football ground.
  • They might have told you that a certain playset is more important than their life and that it will be their last buy ever and that they can’t live without it, but as soon as you buy it and its home, it will have a fixed corner in the deepest drawer of the house and it will never move from there.
  • Sleep deprivation is a part of your life now. You might be sleeping dead beat, when at 2am, you might have to find that missing sock between the sheets or go on a story telling session. Anything can happen anytime of the day or night.
  • For them NO does not means NO, it means, try again and again.
  • Weekend does not mean a holiday for you, it means overtime. With husband and kids constantly hungry through the day and messing the beds and rooms, you feel like some domestic ninja.
  • There will be times when your kids are having a ‘gang-war’ moment at the house and afterwards a howling competition and all you want is to lock yourself in a cabinet and eat ice-cream all alone, or may be you want to howl too.
  • Everytime you have to go out, more than choosing the dress and putting on make up, you worry about which stuff animal to carry, which book, which toy, milk bottle, diapers, reminding yourself about the poop time, extra clothes and what not. Most of the times, the best decision would be staying at home than to go out like a mini carriage.
  • Your house is run by an army of monsters that you made.
  • As the clock starts nearing 8 pm, the sweet caring loving patient mother starts replacing by monster mom, and all you want is to put them to bed and grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and relax.

    But the truth of being a mother is, when these little one’s are home, you want them to go somewhere so you can relax. But when they are away, you can’t wait for them to come back home and hug you.

    You can’t wait to see them running through the door in your arms.

    You can’t wait for the school to be over.

    You can’t move your eyes away from their beautiful face when they are asleep.

    The feeling of their unconditional pure love is the best feeling in the world.

    If they are in the house, and they sit silently for sometime, you worry if something is wrong.

    No matter how tired you are, their routine is your top priority.

    No matter how many times you hide a chocolate from them, you always feel guilty, not sharing it with them.

    You can stay hungry but you want to feed them well.

    You cut on your shopping, to buy their wishlist.

    Baby soaps and baby creams are your cosmetics too.

    Your stylish handbags are replaced by diaper bags and you don’t give a damn.

    Heels are replaced by sneakers and you literally live in flats and flip flops now. (you even wear them to parties…if at all you go to any!)

    Refrigerator is full of the food of their choice. Hard drinks are replaced by milks and juices.

    The list is actually endless and all you mother’s out there know what I am talking about. We all do it everyday and don’t even realise while doing it. We live for our children. This is what we want. This is what a mother’s life is about. This is what ‘Being a Mother is’!!!

    That middle class girl 

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    The Versatile Blogger Award

    Its showering awards!!!

    Another recognition from my blogger friend Swati Awana. She is such an amazing blogger, her posts are so colourful and full of gorgeousness, like herself. Do visit PINKLOGS guys, you will be amazed.

    So as per the rule I have to share 7 things about me, so here it goes:

    1. I am a mother of two. My life revolves around my kids. There is nothing more important.
    2. I am a shopaholic. Currently addicted to online shopping. Planning to get rid of it. (hopefully I will😥)
    3. I hate watching movie in the theatre. I have ran out of the patience to sit at a place for 2-3 hours and watch a movie. Prefer to watch on TV, where I can pause it or watch in installments, when I want🤣.
    4. I am a foodie. I love non-vegetarian food, but I am married in a family of vegetarians 🙄.
    5. I am scared or amusement park rides. I can’t sit on the smallest or easiest of the rides.
    6. I am not an adventurous person. I like to be boring. I am shy, introvert, aloof kind of person. If you sit next to me, may be you ll die of boredom, thats why I have very few friends 🤣🤣.
    7. I love to travel, to shop, to sleep, to experiment in food, to decorate the house, to cook for my family, to read, and I find it very hard to ‘forgive and forget’, also I can’t say NO.

      That middle class girl

       That middle class girl 

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