Fashionably fashionable

What is fashion? For me it is mood…a state of mind. I think I am in mood for ethnic today and yesterday it was black and tomorrow it might be…who knows? 

   My little girl, she s just 7, wants to choose her own clothes, she even wants to buy clothes of her own choice. “Can she do that? Isn’t she like too little to do that?” I remember i wore clothes of my parents choice until like i was graduate or something. But may be times have changed. Dressing up is a very important part of a girls life now. And why just girls, everybody’s for that matter. 
Internet has proven to be a booster for daily fashion. Needs have changed. You basically dress up so you can post your pictures online and get likes and comments to satisfy your inner diva or inner stud.
  You dress up so people notice and you want to make a statement. But being a mother of two (may be i could put the blame of me being lethargic and lazy all the time) i like to be fashionable but comfortable. Most of my days are spent in my pajamas. Even though i keep buying stuff that i never wear (as i keep spending more and more time on these online shopping websites) or dont get a chance to wear. I sometimes wish i could spend my life in oversized t-shirts and pajamas. 
   I see people around are so obsessed with this virtual world and the likes and comments that they need to satisfy their narcissist self that they follow latest trends blindly and end up being uncomfortable or looking like a clown most of the times.
  I feel comfort is very important while dressing up. You should choose clothes and shoes that suit your personality or your body type or your age for that matter. 
And as they say “real beauty is if your beautiful from the inside” or “real beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” so just be you. Believe in yourself. Stop following people just for the sake of it. Be your own kind of beautiful. Stay happy. Live life. Love your family. Enjoy with your family and friends. If your happy from within, it will show and you will be the most beautiful person in the world.

Domestic Violence

It was just another very hot weekend of the summer. The outspoken Mother in law was out for her usual kitty party. The son, Avinash was taking his afternoon nap and the daughter in law, Gargi was in the kitchen. Ding …dong…the bell rang. Gargi was occupied in the kitchen brooding over something, she didn’t hear the bell. Ding…dong…the bell rang again and with it a usual banter woke her up from her thoughts. She ran to open the door. It was very hot outside and the mother (in law) was sweating and throwing some harsh words at her. “I will melt outside, now if you like can you please open the door so i could come in. Or if you want i ll go back?”

   “Oh no mummyji i was occupied in the kitchen. Sorry it took a while to open the door.”

 “No no now as you can see i am sweating and it is a very hot day and i am coming from outside, so can you please bring me some water? (there’s something on her face).”

“Sorry mummyji i will just bring it for you.”

The mother sat down and took off her sunglasses, kept the expensive bag aside and started checking the phone while saying something in an undertone to her daughter in law.

“Here mummyji please have water.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with today’s generation? If you are thirsty you need to ask for water. When my mother in law used to come from anywhere i always kept a glass ready. (what’s on her face?)”

Gargi heard all she had to say but did not utter a word.

“Mummyji would you like to eat something?”

“No i already ate at the party. Did u both had lunch?”

Gargi as if was sobbing silently whispered ” Avinash ate and slept, i will eat later. I still have some work to finish.”

“Ok!(there is definitely something wrong and there is definitely something on her face).”

“”Gargi…what is it?”

“Come here and show me what’s on your face?”

Gargi takes a step back and tries to hide her face “oh its nothing mummji.”

The mother gets up and goes close enough to see her face properly. Her lips were cut and there were signs of violence on her face.

“What’s this?”

“Oh its nothing, i fell down”.

“No you didn’t. Tell me what happened to you?”

Gargi lets out a sob and says after much reluctance “Avinash got angry on me”.

“Oh he got angry and he hit you?”


“Its ok dont think much about it. You must have done something and he got angry. I will talk to him later about it.”

Gargi looks up but doesn’t utters a word. She turns to go away.

“Oh listen i have been looking for my walking stick for many days now. Do you know where is it? I want to take it with me for my evening walk today.”

“Mummyji you go and take rest i will bring it for you.”

“Bring it now.”

Gargi leaves sobbing silently and brings back the stick.


“Ok now you go and finish your work in the kitchen.”

Gargi leaves thinking about her own mother and wishing she was here. She would have hugged her and cried hard.

The mother takes the stick and goes inside the room where Avinash was sleeping. She locks the door from inside.

“Aaah…mom …what the hell are you doing? why are you hitting me with the stick? aahhh”

“How dare you hit Gargi? This is what i have taught you? I am ashamed of you today. You put us all down. Just because you are a man and have more power than her you think you can hit her? That girl left her family her everything just to be with you and you give this in return?”

“Your father never raised a finger at me and you hit her?”



“I am sorry mom please stop hitting me now. I will not do it again.I dont know what came to me . Aaaah.”

“Avinash if i ever heard that you raised your voice on her let alone hit her then i will not spare you. And you better apologize to my daughter in law.”

“Ok i will mom…i am sorry.”

Gargi was standing right outside the closed door and she was crying silently. But may be these tears were not because of pain but because she found a mother, here in this house too.

Mother comes out of the room. They look at each other and they hug.

Social Media

Scene 1:  All the daily chores are done. 11 months old boy is playing around the house. The mother has always an eye on him. He is safe. No edgy, pointed, dangerous stuff around him. He s playing with toys crawling around the house, trying to stand up once or twice. “He will start walking soon”. Mother sat on the bed, locked the door of the room. “Now its just us two”. Father has already left for office and elder sister to school. “Now he can play here inside the room and i can take some rest. I ll have an eye on him. Oh man i am so tired! But i am a good mother. I take care of my kids not like that lady in the park who is always busy on the phone. She s not bothered where her kids are? How can she be so irresponsible? If she cant take care of the kids why she gave birth to them?”. “Oh i am so tired!”

  “But i havent checked my phone since morning”. One eye on the little boy crawling around, playing with his stuff toys, trying to stand up again and again. “He s fine.” “Let me check my social medias.” 10 minutes passed by, just then something caught the corner of the eye. She looked up and saw her son falling down on the other side of the room. He just walked accross the room. He took his first steps and she missed them.

Scene 2: Daughters first dance in school’s annual function. “Papa you have to come.” She told him in the morning before leaving for school. Father reached the venue well before time. The function had begun. There was chaos all around. Parents trying to click the pictures. Teachers, students n everyone else moving here and there. Announcements on the microphone. Music going on, all at one time.
He was trying to find his daughter in the flood of students dressed in the same costumes backstage. “There!”. He saw her, all pretty in pink. “Oh how cute is she looking!” They saw each other and waved. Beep..Beep..”Oh a message from the office!” The client arrives in 1 hour. “I can make it.” There’s a message on WhatsApp too. Checked. There’s something on Facebook too. Checked.  There was an announcement just then. “Class 2 students dance next”. ” Let me find a place from where i can see her properly and make a video of her dance for the keeps”. “Yes that spot is empty.” Tring ..Tring.. “Oh a call from the office!” ” Should i take it?” ” The dance will take 5 minutes to start and i will turn off the phone after this call. I won’t take more than 2 minutes. Must be something important.” “Hello……..

And he missed his daughter s first dance in school.

expectations from a girl just married

Just when we thought we are grown up enough to take our own decisions we are married off to sometimes a complete stranger and sometimes to someone we know, love and cherish. But does it makes any difference?!! Again there are new set of people around you who are holding a lot of expectation from you…a whole family full of brother in laws and sister in laws , mother in law , father in law , aunts , uncles , cousins etc etc..joint families!! Big big ones and on the other side,  a girl , new to these people and surroundings , burdened down by the weight of their expectations . Scared. Uneasy. No one tells her to relax for a few days , adjust , see the things around , watch how the house operates… NO!! From the first day itself they expect her to be perfect in everything, as if a memo was given to her already.

She needs to cook the first meal and she s feeling like she s standing right at the border of India and Pakistan and anytime some bomb would drop and she would be shredded into small pieces.

What no one understands is that she has been trying to be correct and flawless and meet expectations of her own family all her life and now here she is all grown up and mature , with new people and new set of expectations and the game has just begun!

First blog post

Hey everyone, I know I am not a pro at writing but I have just begun. And I didn’t even knew I could until I picked up a pen and started to write and then it all came naturally to me. Through this blog I could write what I have in the heart of my heart, I could show the world what I feel and what I think. Let us all make a small family and lets begin our journey on a positive note. God bless our journey we are about to commence.