Beginning of the end (Part 1)

Sheena was always the most popular girl in every school she ever went because of her father’s transferable job. It was mostly because of her carefree attitude, her knowledge and majorly because of her looks. She got many modelling offers, but her parents wanted her to study, after all she was a bright student, and her parents had high hopes from her. She wanted to be a commercial pilot, just like her mother and unlike her father who was a fighter pilot. She had a thing for everything glamorous. She loved to dress up and put on make up and go to parties when ever both her parents were flying.

She was already making plans for her upcoming 16 birthday party. Her parents also wanted to make it extra special for her sweet sixteen. Sheena wanted to throw a big party for all her friends. Many of her friends from other cities she stayed in were also coming. She still had to select a dress and she told her parents she need a designer dress only and her parents agreed.

Her life was perfect and she was the hot topic in her posh school in South Delhi. Everyone wanted to be her friend, to know her, to be a part of her life. Most of the girls were jealous but still wanted to hang out with her. Her parents were open minded and they gave her space and respected her decisions. She was their only child. Although they pampered her a lot but she was a good kid and they knew it.

Today was the annual function in the school and she was the showstopper of the fashion show organised by sponsors which was a big fashion brand in India. She was getting ready backstage with the other professional fashion models who worked for the brand.

“Hurry up girls, 15 minutes to go.” Said the choreographer.

Sheena was ready and was taking tips from the make up artists when one of the models asked her to join a few others in the washroom.

Sheena and her two friends from school who were also participating in the fashion show went inside the washroom.

“Here, try this.” Sheena was handed a white powder by one of the models.

Sheena knew exactly what it was. She had seen many of her friends in other cities doing it.

“No way! How did you bring it inside? We are going live in 10 minutes and we can’t be doing this. If someone saw us, we all will be in trouble.” said Sheena.

“Hey you Miss Precious! Don’t act smart with us. If you want to go on stage then you have to take it or we will make sure you end up looking like a fool on stage.” said one of the models.

“And what’s so bad about it anyway? It helps you loosen up and gives you courage to face the audience. Most of the models do it and it only helps us gain more confidence on stage.” said another model.

“Hey Sheena, let’s try it. I always wanted to see what is all the fuss about the drugs anyway.” said Komal, her classmate.

“Komal, I have seen my friends doing it and ruining their life. I will not suggest you doing it, nor am I going to.” Said Sheena in a stern voice.

Just then she felt two hands holding her and she felt the pungent taste of the white powder in her nose and mouth. Her head started to spin for a few seconds but soon she gathered herself and saw everyone in the washroom snorting the powder just as they were called on stage.

The fashion show was a success and Sheena was praised for her charismatic presence on the stage. Everyone was highly impressed by her confidence and the way she walked the stage, like a pro.

As she walked back to the green room, she saw the same models who forced her the drugs.

“We told you… it’s awesome.”

And despite the fact that she knew how harmful the drugs were, she smiled back to them and thanked them.

Sheena knew now that if she wanted to succeed fast, she need more confidence. And she knew where to get it from?


Son, don’t de-root us!!

Rakesh and Rajni had a full life together. People knew them as a happy, 60 year old couple. They met in college and eventually got married. Rakesh was a government officer and was recently retired and so was Rajni. She was a teacher in a government school, for almost 25 years now and had taken a voluntary retirement. She wanted to be with Rakesh now.

Both had a beautiful home, in a posh locality in Kanpur and four children. Two girls, Rohini and Rashi, and two boys, Rohan an Rishi. Girls were both happily married and boys were both studying. Rohan was in America, in the last semester of his MBA, while the youngest Rishi was doing MBBS in Bangalore.

It was a rainy evening. Rakesh and Rajni were sitting with some friends in the garden under a shade, while enjoying rain and having tea and some snacks, when the phone rang. It was Rohan, from the US. “Papa, I have got a job. I am still on training but I will be paid for it. I am sending you tickets. You both have to come for my graduation next month.”

Rakesh was very happy for the success of his son and Rajni couldn’t stop boasting about it, but Rakesh knew it will be difficult to travel so far, as Rajni had a knee transplant few months back and she still had problem sitting, with legs hanging for long hours. Rajni saw the worried look and smiled back at Rakesh. They were going to see their son after two years. Nothing could stop them.

She then called Rohini and Rashi, who told her that Rohan had already called and invited them, but they both had to decline because Rohini had a 5 months old daughter and Rashi had her IAS exam coming up soon.

Rakesh and Rajni had to leave in a month. They got the paper work done and Rajni started preparing pickles and sweets of Rohan’s choice. She was very happy.

It was a hot sunny afternoon when the phone rang. Rakesh answered the call. It was an unknown number from Bangalore. He thought it must be Rishi, but what he heard from the other end froze him for a few moments. It was unbelievable. He stood there with the phone on his ears, even after the call got disconnected, with tears flowing down his eyes. The call was from a police station. Rishi was dead. He met an accident and died on spot. The police had called them to claim the body.

They both cried for hours. Their world had shattered. Rishi was the youngest and brightest of all the kids. He loved his parents too much and never wanted to go to Bangalore. But Rakesh pushed him to go and study. Rishi promised his parents to open a nursing home in Kanpur so he can stay close to his parents. Rakesh cursed the day he pushed Rishi to go to Bangalore. But the inevitable had happened and nothing can be done now.

He had to make arrangements. He called up a few of his friends, who came immediately. He then called up Rohini, who lived in Lucknow. She was close by and can come sooner. Rajni needed her. She was inconsolable. Rohini can handle her well. He informed Rashi in Mumbai too. She promised to be on the next flight and meet him in Bangalore. He left a message informing Rohan, in America, too.

After the cremation, their house was crowded with friends, relatives and family, visiting them for the next 15 days. Rajni was devastated. Rishi was the youngest and the most pampered one. The void that his demise has created in their life can not be filled. The girls had to go back home after a few more days. Rohan never made it because he was in the middle of his last semester exams and training for his new job.

Time to go to USA was fast approaching. Rakesh and Rajni although didn’t wanted to go, but they wanted to meet Rohan and not break his heart, by not being there on his big day. They thought being with Rohan might comfort their grief-stricken heart.

At the graduation, Rohan introduced them to his American girlfriend Becky. They looked happy together. From the day they had reached America, they never got a chance to spend some alone time with Rohan, because of his training. He was always busy and they both felt lonely. They never sat together and hugged each other and talked about what happened with Rishi.

After the graduation ceremony they all went to a restaurant to celebrate. Becky came along too. Over dinner Rohan said what Rakesh and Rajni feared was preordained. Rohan wanted to marry Becky and settle in the USA. He had already applied for the green card. “Ma, Papa, I want you both to shift here with us. I will take care of you. As it is after Rishi, what will you do? You both have retired now, so you can shift easily. We can have a good life here.”

Rakesh knew this was coming. He could see a change in Rohan. He knew in the back of his mind that Rohan will not return home. They both grew older, much older in the last two months. Spending lonely time in USA made them even more worn out. They only met Rohan over the weekends. Rohan took them site seeing and shopping, but that did not made them happy. They wanted their son. They wanted to sit at home, eat home cooked food, and talk and cry and mourn over Rishi. But that never happened. Now all they wanted was to go back home.

As soon as they entered their house in Kanpur, they cried. They cried over the loss of their two sons. One was dead and one was never coming back. Their dream of running behind grandchildren and having a house full of laughter, had died too. So much loss was unbearable for them. They both sat and cried for hours. They now had to spend their life alone with each other. But they were not ready to leave their home and hometown and go spend an isolated life in the USA. At least they had friends and relatives here. There in America, they would be absolutely alone. They were not sure if Becky would stay with them. They were happy for Rohan but they were happy here in Kanpur. Here, they knew people and people knew them. They can talk and meet with their friends here. But moving to America was a far cry.

Now they had to make up their minds to live their life only with each other. Of course, Rohan, Rashi and Rohini, will visit from time to time, but it is going to be just the two of them for a long time, together.

They were still unpacking, when the doorbell rang. Rakesh opened the door. It was Rohini, her husband and the baby at the door. Rakesh and Rajni welcomed them with a big smile and a warm hug. It was the beginning of a new life. They did not plan for it but now this was their new life. But at least they were happy in it.

Lavendersun kids Biker jacket review


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This jacket has such a smart appearance that can be used for both outdoor adventures and outdoor formal occasions. My little one love it so much that he wont take it off. It is super soft, cozy and keeps the warmth and comfiness the entire time.

The product details are below:


  • Material: Leather blend
  • Machine wash
  • Size: 3T-7T
  • Includes 1x leather jacket

Price: $24.95

Thank you Lavendersun for this lovely jacket.

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Yes, I am divorced, but my life is yet not over!

“Hey Ankita, why did you not tell me you were getting divorce? Do you know how I got to know? At the office, I overheard Rohan and Harshit, teasing Ashok about it and telling him, how lucky he is, and how he can hit other women now. They werealso planningng a trip to Bangkok. You know how bad I felt about you. Here you are, looking all depressed and dejected, where as, your ex-husband is planning to have the time of his life. I am feeling very sorry for you.”

Ankita did not say anything, but she was exhausted of hearing the same things over and over again. She was weary of knowing, how sorry her relatives were about the fact that her husband left her, or may be they were just pretending they were sorry. She gave them a shit load of stuff to gossip about. They hardly knew the truth and she knew they hardly cared. But they were all pitiful and grievous about her situation.

She did not want her parents to think her life was over, or how difficult it was for them, to find such a nice groom for her, or how impatient this generation is, who can not stand little arguments, and are ready to cut off ties with their spouse, at the drop of a hat. She was tired of all this. It has been more than a month now, and all she heard was how sorry everyone was for her.

May be they all wanted her to believe, her life was over. That being divorced was the end of the world for her. That she has lost her only chance to be happy, by seperating from her husband. No body wanted to know how she felt. No body wanted to know about her years and years of agony in that relationship, just because she could not become a mother. No body wanted to know how her husband or her in-laws treated her, even though she was the Vice President of a multinational, and earned more than her husband. All that mattered was that she could not give birth to their heir and that was enough to make her life miserable.

Her so called friends, family and relatives, none of them told her that it was a good decision. Everyone wanted her to feel sorry for herself and when ever any one met her, they made sure she felt that way.

She sometimes wondered if people forgot, she has emotions and if she is divorced, does not mean she is not human.

She stopped going out to weddings or parties, she stopped taking calls of her own parents, she had restrained herself to her house now. She was working from home for almost a month now and today was her first day she went back to office and people are yet not done sympathizing with her.

But that was it. She had been pondering over a thought for a long time now and it was time to get it done. She typed her resignation letter and went straight home. She packed her bags. Booked the tickets and was ready to go. She was never sure of anything more than this all her life. She decided to take a sabbatical and travel to all the places she always wanted to see. She wanted to walk around the beaches and stroll in the best of art galleries. She wanted to see all the wonders of the world. She wanted to meet new people and open her soul and set herself free from all the ties, away from the people who wanted her to stay miserable for life.

She had been planning her start-up for a long time, but was never sure of it. Now she was. She had investors who liked her idea and she was going to contact them, as soon she is back from her trip.

It was her life. No one else has the right to ruin it. She never needed a man to make her happy and she can not allow a man to make her life gloomy forever.

It is just one life, and she was still young. She can always restart. But love was not on her mind right now. Right now all she wanted, was to fly away to the unknown world full of adventure and she knew a new life was waiting for her. A better life, all she had to do was give it a chance.

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A bitchy self discussion on a no-maids day

Bitchy me: Damn this maid…she didn’t come today.

Nicer me: It’s ok…may be she has some work.

Bitchy me: But can’t she inform atleast that she won’t show up.

Nicer me: May be she got stuck somewhere. Generally she informs a day before not coming.

Bitchy me: Ya right…got stuck…huh…she carries that damn phone all day.

Nicer me: May be she ran out of balance.

Bitchy me: Ok..ok..her mother comes to the society too..she could have asked her to inform.

Nicer me: Her mother is old. She already has work to do.

Bitchy me: Ok then she should have sent a replacement..should have asked her friends…if anyone could work at my place today.

Nicer me: They all.must be busy..they already work so hard… It’s difficult for you to work in your own house for a day and these maids work all day in so many houses…a day or two off is fine. They need a break too.

Bitchy me: Ya right…I have a toddler hanging on my legs all the time while I cook and clean the house.

Nicer me: They have children too…may be one of them is unwell…would you work if your kids are not well…they still do.

Bitchy me: Isn’t it their job? They are paid for it…they are not working for free…plus I give so mch more like clothes, toys for their kids, food etc…these maids are so ungrateful.

Nicer me: Ya you pay but there is something like humanity…also they don’t ask you to give them food, clothes etc…you give only if you want to get rid of stuff…will yu give your favourite top or your favourite pizza lying in the fridge that you have kept for later or your favourite piece of cake?

Bitchy me: But these maids also bitch around…they tell.other house story here and our house story elsewhere.

Nicer me: Don’t you? What else you do in your get together’s?

Bitchy me: Damn you…I still have to wash all the dishes, clean the house, cook food, give bath to kids, wash clothes….I don’t have time to argue with a stupid someone like you….bye…I don’t wanna see you again.

Which one do you agree with guys? Bitchy me or Nicer me?

( am secretly with the bitchy me😉😉)