expectations from a girl just married

Just when we thought we are grown up enough to take our own decisions we are married off to sometimes a complete stranger and sometimes to someone we know, love and cherish. But does it makes any difference? Well..no!! Again there are new set of people around you who are holding a lot of expectation from you…a whole family full of brother in laws and sister in laws , mother in law , father in law , aunts , uncles , cousins etc etc..joint families!! Big big ones and on the other side,  a girl , new to these people and surroundings , burdened down by the weight of their expectations . Scared. Uneasy. No one tells her to relax for a few days , adjust , see the things around , watch how the house operates… NO!! From the first day itself they expect her to be perfect in everything, as if a memo was given to her already.

She needs to cook the first meal and she s feeling like she s standing right at the border of India and Pakistan and anytime some bomb would drop and she would be shredded into small pieces.

What no one understands is that she has been trying to be correct and flawless and meet expectations of her own family all her life and now here she is all grown up and mature , with new people and new set of expectations and the game has just begun!


First blog post

Hey everyone, I know I am not a pro at writing but I have just begun. And I didn’t even knew I could until I picked up a pen and started to write and then it all came naturally to me. Through this blog I could write what I have in the heart of my heart, I could show the world what I feel and what I think. Let us all make a small family and lets begin our journey on a positive note. God bless our journey we are about to commence.